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  • Confined space access work
  • High angle rope access industrial maintenance, repairs , mechanical rigging and  installations
  • On site fall protection, high angle rescue and rescue training.
  • Welding repairs in difficult to access locations 4G-6G
  • Inspections services include a full range of traditional NDT nondestructive testing solutions to support asset integrity in difficult access locations;
  • MT – Magnetic Particle Testing
  • PT – Penetrant Testing
  • VT – Visual Testing
  • UT – Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  • ET – Eddy Current Testing
  • PMI – Positive Material Identification


Power Generation

Remote Access Technology provides inspection, maintenance and repair services to thermal, hydro, gas, wind turbine and nuclear power generating stations utilizing rope access and any one of our specialized mobile access platforms. From stacks and boilers to FGDs, SCRs and precipitators we will tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

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Offshore Oil & Gas

Remote Access Technology understand the stringent requirements for safety in the offshore industry. For nearly 20 years Remote Access Technology has worked under-decks and in difficult areas on offshore installations. We have the skilled personnel to work on your difficult to access locations.

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Petrochemical Refining

Flare tip installation and removal, to coatings application and inspection, and hydraulic bolt torquing, are only a few of the services we provide.
Remote Access Technology removes the need for traditional scaffold erection, certification, daily inspection requirements and tear down. Providing our clients with an immediate savings of time and money.

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Remote Access Technology is able to undertake a variety of planned survey, maintenance and repair tasks, dockside or at sea. Reducing non-productive time and yielding invaluable data for calculating future dry-dock costs and timings. Our Welding Teams are CGSB, PCN and SNT-TC-1A certified and can access those areas of your vessel previously seen as too costly to repair.

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Remote Access Technology provides highly skilled Access Specialists to install and maintain high towers and masts, which can include microwave dishes, satellite equipment, anemometers and even the safety navigational lights seen on all stacks and communication towers.

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Pulp & Paper

Remote Access Technology has been providing the Pulp & Paper Industry with contracted rescue, inspection, maintenance, repair and services for nearly 20 years. Our Technicians and Rescue Coordinators are knowledgeable, informative, familiar with the industry, and provide our clients with the high quality of service that they have come to expect.

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Contracted Rescue

Remote Access Technology is your solution to increasing safety regulations and rising operational costs. Whether during plant shut downs or when the task at hand simply exceeds your safety training level, Remote Access will tailor a plan for your facility. Our Standby Rescue Coordinators and Rescue Technicians are able to prepare written pre-hazard and rescue plans. Additionally, the use of your company’s attendants can be achieved by utilizing our Top-Up Training.

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Remote Access Technology provides a wide range of rope access services to the Rail, Highway and Urban Development Sectors. From pier inspection, cable installation and concrete boring in difficult access areas, our experience within the industry ensures our clients are provided with a safe, long lasting and an esthetically pleasing result. We provide the high quality of service that they have come to expect from the Access Experts – Remote Access Technology.

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Remote Access Technology provides inspection, maintenance and repair services to Commercial Property Managers and Owners. We have experienced structural engineering resources and are able to provide all services in accordance with the governing safety regulation and applicable codes. The obvious advantage to using certified technicians is the quality service and skilled workmanship provided by a company that puts “Safety First”.

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Industrial Safety Training & Consulting

Remote Access Technology has provided Industrial Compliance Training in accordance with Federal, State and Provincial Regulations to thousands of workers throughout industry. Our programs range from awareness, operations and technician levels as described by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 1670. In addition, we can be contracted to carry out complete Confined Space and Fall Protection Hazard Assessments of your facility.

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