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Safety is our Business

Remote Access Technology is dedicated to Safety. No matter what scale of job, we are committed to the safety of our Employees, our Clients and to the reputation of our Industry.

All clients have access to our impeccable safety record, this is of primary importance to our company and this commitment is reflected in our safety motto:

“Protect, Perform … Then Prosper”                                                                                                                                                                                ++++ (RAT Health Safety & Environmental Policy)


All of our Rope Access and Rescue technicians are well trained and independently assessed, prior to taking their place as part of our multi-disciplined composite crews.

Our supervisors have the advanced training and depth of experience necessary to make decisions regarding rigging and rescue plans.

Our teams are selected according to requirements for scope of work and by specific job skills. All of our technicians are supported by a comprehensive range of industrial safety and rope access equipment.


Remote Access Technology maintains full time Health, Safety & Environment Managers who ensure that we meet, adhere and stay current with all applicable safety regulations, as they pertain to our industry.

To date we continue to document and implement employee online safety training programs for both Canada, (Safety Policy & Procedure Manual – SPPM) and the United States of America (Injury Illness Prevention Program – IIPP).

Additionally, Remote Access Technology files applicable OSHA 300, Industrial Rope Access Trade Association Incident Reports, Provincial Construction Safety Association and Client Monthly Stewardship requirements upon request.


All equipment that our Technicians use is certified, documented and inspected as part of IRATA and SPRAT’s extensive traceability and auditing programs.

At Remote Access Technology we believe:

“If the job can’t be done safely, it is not worth doing.”

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