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Und so wie es klingt ist es ein Schrank und Spiegel in einem

The Galaxy Note 7 came out in the fall of 2016 to rave reviews. The device was undeniably beautiful and had a killer screen. However, reports of phones bursting into flames began to pile up fast. The code readers are easy to use and very reliable and durable. These devices are usually small and handy. It is not expensive as many have thought it is.

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Since, Day One (Jan 17), we have been demanding his arrest,”

Several people were injured in the police action.”He was also part of the search party but he was not investigating the case. Now we know what was the motive,” said Mr Puri. Since, Day One (Jan 17), we have been demanding his arrest,” said Talib Hussain, a nomad activist.

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Trans Alaska Pipeline

Remote Access Technology completes critical and time sensitive Fall Protection System installation on time and on budget. RAT is a full service fall protection system provider, and has completed a project for a major Alaska Pipeline client. The unique and custom nature of this system will provide safe working conditions for the service personnel working on the Trans Alaska Pipeline.

Remote Access Technology earns “R” stamp!

Already the industry leader in Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair via Industrial Rope Access, RAT is pleased to expand their service offering to include R-Stamp welding as certified by NBIC. We are pleased to offer our new and existing clients our pressure welding services.

Exceeding Clients’ expectations

Remote Access Technology recognized for exceeding clients’ expectations. Following a recent routine audit RAT has received a very enthusiastic green light from a major Canadian client on our Safety and Quality protocol. RAT is proud to offer a culture of Safety, a commitment to Quality, and reliable and repeatable service to every client, everywhere, everyday.