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Acuren‚ a nondestructive testing (NDT)‚ inspection and materials engineering firm focused on supporting mechanical integrity and inspection programs for clients in the Petrochemical‚ Refinery‚ Pipeline‚ Pulp & Paper‚ Power Generation‚ Pharmaceutical‚ Aerospace‚ and Automotive industries.

RTI – Rope Tech International

Rope Tech International delivers safe‚ cost effective solutions to difficult access problems. Established more than fifteen years ago‚ Rope Tech has become a leading name in rope access in the UK.

DSS – Dragon Safety Systems

Dragon Safety Systems USA, Industrial Rope Access Services, specialists in IRATA and contracting support work. DSS provides inspection, maintenance, repair, construction, and IRATA rope access training.

Sperry Rail

Founded in 1928, Sperry developed the first non-destructive method of detecting flaws in rail, and set the standard for industry inspection techniques. Sperry inspects railroad track for subsurface flaws with a fleet of specialized test vehicles using proprietary technology and internally developed data management systems.

Hellier NDT

We are a leader in Nondestructive Testing (NDT) training and certification services. Our training provides both the knowledge and qualifications that NDT personnel need to succeed. Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is a technology that evaluates parts and materials for conditions and flaws that could affect their integrity. Effective use of NDT depends on the skill and in-depth knowledge of the technicians involved.

IRATA – Industrial Rope Access Trade Association

IRATA provides a safe and efficient means of access using industrial rope access techniques. IRATA’s independently audited accident reports demonstrate that its training and operational work delivers the safest means of working at height.

SPRAT – Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians

The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) based in the United States, is dedicated to promoting the safe development of industrial rope access standards in the US, Canada, Mexico and beyond.